Motion Guidance Home Exercise Kit


The Motion Guidance system provides instant visual feedback when performing exercises.

It’s great for athletes who want to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how their vision impacts their performance.

The Motion Guidance Concept is simple:
Maximize your experience by adding real-time feedback with visual external cues to enhance virtually any aspect of rehabilitation.

The concept behind the product is to offer more engaging cues toward rehab goals, create a superior learning environment, reveal body awareness and skill in ways that are easy to understand and allow real-time feedback for movement range, skill, and control.

Essentially, this will:

• Give you the benefit of seeing how you move, and instantly recognizing where your body is in space.
• Add a visual component to simple range of motion exercise, and allow you to see progress.
• Turn simple exercises such as cervical range of motion, hip hinges or squats into a visually motivating exercise.
• Add proprioceptive awareness drills to any body part, and let you visualize their motor control ability.